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PEAC 071B: Strategy and Nonviolent Struggle (SC)

Peace Studies / Sociology / Political Science 71B: Lee Smithey - Spring 2019

How subject headings work

Most books in Tripod will have subject headings assigned to them. These subject headings can be helpful for identifying what a particular book discusses substantially, rather than just tangentially.

When it comes to subject headings, you'll only find a particular book in the most specific category that has been applied to it. So if you browse the list for Peasant uprisings > Mexico > History and Peasant uprisings > Mexico > History > 20th century, you'll find two entirely different set of books that don't overlap.

Here are a few different ways that subject headings can be applied to books (there are many others!).

Books discussing a topic in a particular country

Books on a particular country, focused on a broad subject area

Books on the history of a topic in a particular country, during a particular time period

Books within a particular genre, such as collections of reprinted primary source documents

Additional Resources

Advanced Tripod

If you can't find what you need using ordinary keyword searching in Tripod, try using Tripod Advanced Search to run a more precise search.

The search shown below would give you books for which the book description mentions either Venezuela or Latin America, and one of the following terms: "protest," "uprising," or "movement." (Click here to try this search for yourself.)

Remember, though, that when you search Tripod, your keywords only match against the description of the book. Book descriptions include the title, author, subject headings, and sometimes the table of contents, but not the full text of the book.