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PEAC 071B: Strategy and Nonviolent Struggle (SC)

Peace Studies / Sociology / Political Science 71B: Lee Smithey - Spring 2025

Why statistics?

Statistics can help improve your understanding of the issues involved in your case.

A few examples:

Are you researching a demonstration related to maternal health care?  Use these resources to find the maternal mortality rate for your country. (try WDI Online)

Researching a protest related to gas prices in the US?  Compare the average cost of gas in the US to other countries. (try Statista)

Finding more information about an anti-violence protest in Mexico?  Look up the homicide rate in Mexico. (try UNdata)

Quick Sources for Statistics

These links point to just a few of the many resources offering statistics (and raw data). For a larger list, check out the Tri-Co Libraries Census and Statistics Guide. You can always ask a librarian for help finding stats and data (email Sarah at