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PEAC 071B: Strategy and Nonviolent Struggle (SC)

Peace Studies / Sociology / Political Science 71B: Lee Smithey - Spring 2019

How do you describe protest?

When choosing search terms, try to identify the most unique words that are likely to appear in a written document on your topic.

Here is a list of terms that appear frequently on the Global Nonviolent Action Database. You might want to try using some of these terms while researching cases.

  • Protest
  • Demonstration
  • Campaign
  • Struggle
  • Occupy
  • Strike
  • Work stoppage
  • Boycott
  • Organize
  • March
  • Picket (as in picket line)
  • Resist(ance)
  • Overthrow
  • Sit-in
  • Movement
  • Rally

What other words could describe the case(s) you're researching?  What words might a participant use? A sympathetic journalist? A scholar? 

What about a less sympathetic journalist?  A company spokesperson?  An opponent? 

Are there culturally-specific or movement-specific terms that would be used by the activists you're researching?