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PEAC 071B: Strategy and Nonviolent Struggle (SC)

Peace Studies / Sociology / Political Science 71B: Lee Smithey - Spring 2017

Start here: news article databases

Not all news can be found on Google. Try searching the news databases that the Tri-Co libraries provide to expand your research.

Access World News and LexisNexis are usually good places to start. However, the most relevant results for your research won't necessarily come up to the top of your search results. The advanced search features on these websites are quite powerful (e.g. limit results by date, geographic region, etc.) for sifting through large amounts of articles. Remember: you can always ask a librarian for help!

Alternative Press Sources from the US

Tips for finding English-language articles

  • If you're looking for articles from a country where English is not a widely used or official language, try using the BBC Selected News Articles service. You can access this through Access World News (see link and instructions below).
  • Lexis-Nexis and other news databases usually have a checkbox or other way to limit search results to English.
  • Ask a librarian!  By working with a librarian, you can devise a more effective search strategy.

International News Sources

These links give you additional options beyond what's available through Google. Many of these links point to resources provided by the TriCollege Libraries to help you with your research.