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SOAN 098: Thesis Writers Master Class (SC)

Sociology & Anthropology 098: Thesis Writers Master Class (Farha Ghannam) Fall 2018

Overview: Citations + References, SOAN Thesis 2016-17

Basic approach:

Parenthetical citations in-text (author, date, pg #) +

Bibliography at end of paper (full references)

For more information about citing sources:

See 2016-2017 SOAN Thesis Guide, p. 21-22

In-Text Citations (Basics)

Cite sources in the text of your paper as you use them.

Parenthetical citations can include: Last name of author(s) •  Year of publication •  Page number(s)

To cite an entire book, article or other work:

"As emphasized by Duncan (1959), this marked an important contribution..." 

"...his work on the secrets of organization (Gouldner 1963) and..."

To cite a specific argument, quote, paraphrase, or section:

"...where public enterprises have received much less opposition than in the United States (Lipset 1964, pp. 61-65)."

References / Bibliography (Basics)

Include a full bibliography at the end of your thesis

Title of appendix:  "References"
This appendix should include full references to your sources
List all sources alphabetically by author's last name


Example references:

Stanford, Nevitt, ed. 1962. The American College.  New York:  Wiley.

Weber, Max.  (1921) 1968.  "Society's Problems." Pp. 12-16 in

Economy and Society, edited by Guenther Roth and Claus

Wittich.  New York:  Bedminster


Two references from the same author

Davis, K.  1963a. "Social Demography."  Pp. 124-37 in The Behavioral

Sciences Today, edited by Bernard Berelson.  New York:  Basic.

_______. 1963b.  "The Theory of Change and Response in Modern

Demographic History."  Population Index 29:334-66.