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SOAN 098: Thesis Writers Master Class (SC)

Sociology & Anthropology 098: Thesis Writers Master Class (Willie-LeBreton) Fall 2017

SOAN Thesis Research Guide

This guide highlights research tools and strategies for SOAN 098, particularly the literature review. You'll find recommendations for journal article databases, handbooks, finding data, and more.

Exploring topic ideas?  
Start with Scholarly Conversation & Overviews

The Conversations & Overviews page recommends books and articles that provide overviews of scholarship on different topics. You can use these sources to get a sense for how sociologists or anthropologists have thought about a particular issue over time. (For example, Annual Review of Anthropology, Sociology Compass, and Oxford Bibliographies.) 

Links for class session, 09/11/17

Thesis Advice

For other Soc/Anth thesis tips, take a look at this infographic, prepared by Professor Lee Smithey.

Slides from class, 09/25/17

Slides from class, 9/7/17