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SOAN 098: Thesis Writers Master Class (SC)

Sociology & Anthropology 098: Thesis Writers Master Class (Farha Ghannam) Fall 2018

Get Organized: Creating Your Research Library

Zotero lets you create a personal research library, stay organized, and easily generate formatted citations. 

 •  Get Started with Zotero

 •  Configuring Zotero (recommended settings)

 •  Zotero Documentation

What is Zotero?

Zotero is a research organization tool that works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Like other similar tools (e.g. EndNote), Zotero lets you:

  • Organize your research materials (e.g. articles, books) with tags and folders 
  • Generate citations formatted in a number of standard styles: APA, MLA, Chicago, etc
  • Save research materials for use in current and/or future assignments and other projects
  • Add notes and create groups for sharing research materials with others
  • Store your research materials online and gain access to them from multiple devices or locations

Zotero Quick Tour

Short, visual tour with screenshots highlighting key features