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Zotero: A Citation Tool

TriCo Libraries Guide

Creating an account

  • Zotero can be used on your computer without creating an account on
  • However, registering for an account allows you to sync your entire Zotero library and access it from any computer thorugh
  • To create an account:
    1. Visit
    2. Follow the instructions, and submit your information

Syncing your Zotero library

  • Syncing with your Zotero account links the data saved in your Zotero library (citations, notes, tags) with your online account
  • Data synced to your online account is accessible on any computer
  • Syncing this information is free and has no storage limit
  • To sync your Zotero library with your online account:

           1.  Open Zotero for Firefox or Zotero Standalone

           2.  Navigate to preferences under the Actions button



           3.  Click on the Sync tab and enter your account information


Syncing attached files

  • Files attached to your references, including PDFs and iamges, can also be synced to your online account
  • Zotero allows up to 300 MB of free file storage
  • Additional storage space can be purchased in your storage settings