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Zotero: A Citation Tool

TriCo Libraries Guide


  • The Zotero window is divided into 3 columns
  • The left column displays the different collections that organize your library
  • The center column contains the list of references in the selected collection
  • The right column shows the bibliographic information and notes related to each reference



  • At the top of the Zotero window are a series of buttons


  • The New Collection... button creates a new collection in your library.  Collections are discussed in more detail here


  • The New Item and Add Item(s) by Identifier buttons let you add different types of references to your library or collections.  Adding items to your Zotero library is discussed in more detail here


  • The New Note and Add Attachment buttons let you attach additional files to items in your library.  Attaching files is discussed in more detail here


  • You can search your Zotero library using the search field or the Advanced Search button


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