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Zotero: A Citation Tool

TriCo Libraries Guide


  • Zotero can also be used to manage files related to your references, such as PDFs, notes, images, or almost any other file type
  • Files can be added to your Zotero library as either copies or links
  • Copies store a copy of the original file in the Zotero data directory, and can be synced online
  • Links store a reference to the location of the original file on your computer.  They are not synced, but save storage space

Adding Files

There are a few different ways to add files to your Zotero library:

Drag and Drop

  • A file can be added to the Zotero library as a standalone item by dropping it in a collection folder in the left column
  • A file can also be associated with a particular reference by dropping it on an item in the center column

New Item Button

  • Click the New Item button and select "Store Copy of File..." or "Link to File..." to create a standalone item for the file in your Zotero library


Add Attachment Button          

  1. Select an item in the center column
  2. Click the Add Attachment button and select either "Attached Stored Copy of File..." or "Attach Link to File..."



  1. Right-click an item in the center column
  2. Highlight the "Add Attachment" menu
  3. Select either "Attached Stored Copy of File..." or "Attach Link to File..."