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SOAN 098: Thesis Writers Master Class (SC)

Sociology & Anthropology 098: Thesis Writers Master Class (Willie-LeBreton) Fall 2017

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews publish review articles, which provide an overview of important scholarship on a particular topic, question, or issue. 

These review articles are valuable for preparing a literature review because they highlight important authors, books, and articles on the topic.  Annual Review articles also highlight areas of debate among scholars in the field.

Finding Handbooks and Companions

Handbooks, companions, and other introductory texts can be very valuable for exploring the existing research on a topic. These sources help you identify major trends in the scholarly debate, find key works and authors, and find your way around multi-disciplinary discussions.

Key tip: Don't judge the utility of a handbook (etc.) by its title - check the Table of Contents to see if individual chapters are relevant to your interests.

Background on Anthropology

These reference works offer reliable background information on anthropological thought and methods. Check the reference lists at the end of relevant entries for citations to books, articles, and other materials on your topic.

Background on Sociology