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POLS 024/105: Constitutional Law (SC)

Nackenoff (Spring 2015)

What are law reviews? Why use them?

Law reviews are secondary sources providing commentary on a specific area of law. Articles in law reviews tend to be very focused and treat the topic in question comprehensively. You can use a law review article to get started researching an unfamiliar area of the law. In addition to analysis, you'll find citations to relevant case law.

How to find law review articles at Swarthmore

The easiest way to find law review articles at Swarthmore is to use either LexisNexis or Hein Online. Both databases allow you to limit your search to only law journals, which will reduce the number of irrelevant results and results from other kinds of publications.

Narrowing your results

Using Hein Online, you can narrow down your search to only the most-cited law reviews. By searching the "Most-Cited Law Journals" collection instead of the full set of law journals in Hein, you'll only find articles published in the top 30 most-cited (US) law journals.

Print Indexes to Law Reviews & Periodicals