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POLS 024/105: Constitutional Law (SC)

Nackenoff (Spring 2015)

Print Indexes to Law Reviews & Periodicals

Using the (print) Index to Legal Periodicals

For researchers used to working with online databases and Google, using the print Index to Legal Periodicals (or any print index) can take some adjustment. Here are a few quick tips for using this resource.

You can use the Index to find citations for articles by title, author, or subject. Citations do not include the full title of the journal in which the article is published. Instead, an abbreviation is used. You'll find a list of journal title abbreviations at the start of each volume of the Index. Here's an example:

If you're looking for law review articles pertaining to a particular topic or issue (e.g. education), use the Subject section of the Index. Here's an example of what the citations listed under Education look like in one volume of the Index:

Once you've found the citation for an article that interests you, use the "Periodicals Indexed - Showing Abbreviations Used' page to find out the full title of the publication in which this article was published.

From there, look up the periodical (e.g. Harvard Law Review) in Tripod. For best results, put your search in double quotes ("like this") and change the drop-down menu labeled "Keyword" to "Journal Title."