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HIST 398: Approaches to Historical Praxis (BMC)

HIST 398: Approaches to Historical Praxis (Kurimay) Fall 2018

Collections for September 14 class meeting & assignment

Bryn Mawr College Board of Directors.  Minutes of meetings, 1911-1919

Marie Litzinger Papers. Box 2: Letters to family, 1918-1924.  

Marion Edwards Park Office Files, 1922-1942. Box 8:  Departments, Economics - Durant, Will.  

Pennsylvania National Organization of Women Records, Box 1:  Series 1: Civil Rights

Speer Family Papers.  Box 36: Margaret Bailey Speer’s letters from China, 1925-1926.   Speer was a teacher and dean at Yenching University from 1925 into the early 1940s.

M. Carey Thomas Papers.  Series 1: Personal Papers.  Box 21:  Letters of M. Carey Thomas to Mary Garrett, April 1900 - February 1901. 

Mary Whitall Worthington Diaries.  Volume 4: 1909-1910.  Bryn Mawr class of 1910, and president of the Bryn Mawr College Equal Suffrage League. 



Assignment - September 14, 2018

ASSIGNMENT:  Identify a set of historical documents from among the collections we looked at in class.   Make an appointment to go back to Special Collections between 9/14 and 9/20 and spend some time with your selected primary sources.  In your two-page written response, consider the particular types of research questions that your selected sources could help answer.  In addition, also identify some of the possible challenges posed by working with the selected set of primary sources.   In other words, what kinds of questions cannot be answered with your sources?