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HIST 398: Approaches to Historical Praxis (BMC)

HIST 398: Approaches to Historical Praxis (Gallup-Diaz & Booth) Fall 2020

Finding Primary Sources Online

Large numbers of historical books, pamphlets, newspapers and manuscripts are now available online, some through free sites and some only through subscriptions.  The contents of the free sites can often be found through Google searches, while the contents of the subscription sites can usually be found only by going directly to the site.  Listed here are the major historical collections to which Bryn Mawr subscribes, as well as a few of the major free sites.

For a more complete list of online primary sources, see the Tri-College Libraries research guide for History-Primary Sources.  Online resources that are only available at Haverford or Swarthmore can be used at those college's libraries.

Historical Newspapers and Magazines

Historical Books and Manuscripts