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HIST 358: The Self before the Selfie (HC)

History 358: The Self before the Selfie (Graham) Spring 2018

Online Source Collections

There are some online collections available at Haverford for early modern printed texts.  They reproduce every page in a book and are searchable by word and phrase.

Important source collections available open access on the Web

Sources in Printed Form

Primary texts have been edited, reprinted in facsimiles, or transferred to microfilm can be borrowed through E Z Borrow or interlibrary loan if they are not in Tripod.  Many of them will be listed in Tripod or WorldCat under subject terms along with a word or phrase indicating that it is a primary text.  Look for terms including:  Sources, Correspondence or  Early works to 1800.

  For example, the search children "early works to 1800"   produces many books from the 18th century including:    

          An Account of a savage girl, caught wild in the woods of champagne: Translated from the French of madam H-T. With a preface, containing several particulars omitted in the original...  Published 1768

        The royal primer: or The first book for children: Adapted to their tender capacities.  Authorized by His Majesty King George III.  To be Used throughout His Majesty's Dominions.  Published 1788

         A treatise on education: With a sketch of the author's method. By George Chapman, A.M. Master of the grammar-school of Dumfries.  Published 1773.

Major series of early modern women's writings
Other Voice in Early Modern Europe - A series of print editions by or about women.  Individual titles are listed in Tripod.  Authors lived from the late Middle Ages through the first half of the 18th century.


Major series of literary and moral texts addressing issues of concern:

Conduct Literature for Women, 1720-1770.  6 volumes    Focused on Britain  

Conduct Literature for Women, 1770-1830.  6 volumes   Focused on Britain

Eighteenth-century Coffee-house Culture.   4 volumes  Focused on Britain 


Books printed in the 17th or 18th century are kept in libraries' rare book collections

You can go to Bryn Mawr, the University of Pennsylvania, and other local libraries to see these books.

Rare Book Collections

Selected Titles at Bryn Mawr's Rare Book Library

Librarians Eric Pumroy and Marianne Hansen have put together a short list of titles at Bryn Mawr concerning 17th and 18th century Europe:
         Books on London
         Books Relating to 18th Century France 2006

See also the online version of thi exhibition at Bryn Mawr from 2011:
         Beyond the Text: Illustrations in Eighteenth-Century French Novels

Eric Pumroy and Marianne Hansen welcome researchers from Haverford.  E-mail or phone to let them know your research interests before going over to Special Collections.

The Encyclopédie of Diderot and D'Alembert