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Resources for reading and making zines

What's a zine?

Zines are self-published works, often handmade. They tend to be created on a small-scale. Creators usually make zines to express themselves, to tell their stories, and connect with other like-minded folks. They don't typically intend to turn a profit. You can find zines through zine fests, distros, libraries, and lots of other places.

Zines by Swarthmore folks

cover of trailblazers zine


"In this zine, we use gender and sexuality studies as a lens and an impetus for researching the following activists and a method for telling their stories. Our present knowledge and experiences are owed to the individuals throughout history that have advanced our collective understanding, even if we rarely acknowledge the role their contributions play."

Zine created by AV Lee-A-Yong, Evan Johnson, Nicole Daly, Amy-Ann Edziah, Dvita Kapadia

Links: Zine | Text-only version

zine cover

What's on the Menu? Beginner's Guide to Archives

 "Learn more about archives and how to use them by exploring our archives zine!"

Zine created by former Swarthmore staff: Alison Sielaff and Lorin Jackson

cover of zine

Accomodations at Swarthmore

"Finding support can be intimidating, and the effort needed to figure out where to start can persuade you to put off seeking resources, so I’ve compiled this nifty resource guide to help Swat students figure out how to find the help they need."

A zine for students by Mrinali Taskar '22

cover of zine with illustrations of activists

19th and 20th Century Women's Activism

This zine was created in summer 2020 to celebrate the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment and the culmination of two years work on the In Her Own Right project. It highlights 19th and 20th century woman activists, particularly Quaker women, diverse women who worked closely with Quakers, and women active in the Peace movement. See also the companion 19th Amendment Centennial resources guide.

Zine created by Celia Caust-Ellenbogen, Wendy E. Chmielewski, Pam Harris, Lorin Jackson, Chloe Lucchesi-Malone, Kerry Kristine McElrone, Susanna McGrew ‘20, and James Truitt