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WRPR 193: Slavery in Ancient Greece and Rome (HC): Background

Writing Program 193: Slavery in Ancient Greece and Rome (Evans) Fall 2019

Domestic Slavery

Grave Stele of Hegeso with an enslaved servant, Greek, 400 B.C.E., marble, Athens, National Museum  (Source:flickr, Ellen Brundige)

What is Classics?

Companion Series

Companions and handbooks are very helpful kinds of sources.  They are edited by leading scholars in the particular areas of research, and those editors commission researchers to write individual essays on the subjects which are their specialties.  As a result, students get a much better understanding of the issues involved in a particular subject area, since the authors go beyond factual summaries to analysis of differing arguments in the field.

For companions, handbooks and histories involving slavery, see:

Additional relevant material may be found in the series listed below when you look by Classical author, literary genre, or topic.

Blackwell Companions - 65 Titles

Brill Companions - 35 Titles

Cambridge Companions - 44 Titles 

Encyclopedias for Classical Studies

Roman Mosaic

                  Mosaic of an Actor's Mask of an old slave,Altes Museum, Berlin,

2nd century CE (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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