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Scholarly Communications at Swarthmore

Everything you need to know related to scholarly communications at Swarthmore

What is Works?

Banner for Works. It reads: Swarthmore College. Works: Scholarship, Research, & Creative Expression

Works is a research information management system that aims to bring together all of the College's faculty output and research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research.

Works includes works created or authored by Swarthmore College faculty, researchers, and permanent staff.

Questions? Check out our FAQ or contact us.

How Can I Contribute?

First, try searching for your work to see if it is included.

If you don't see it listed, contact us with a citation or link to the work.

If it's listed but missing a pdf, we may not be able to post the final publication version. If you have previous versions of the work, such as the version submitted before peer review, let us know and we will add it if we can!

How can I see who is reading my works?

A world map showing downloads of full text objects from Works. The downloads are shown as numbers within colorful circles.

Download statistics are available for every full-text work in Works.

Download counts are tracked on each article's page. If you wish to track the downloads of your publications as a whole, you can create a free account to monitor this activity from your author dashboard.

If your works have been included in Works, then you will also receive a monthly readership report from Digital Commons via email.