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Scholarly Communications at Swarthmore

Everything you need to know related to scholarly communications at Swarthmore

1. Create or Claim a Persistent Identifier

Unique, persistent identifiers are needed to increase the likelihood that your research output is accurately represented and that this output is correctly attributed to you and your institution. Accurate affiliation is critical to compile scholarly output and for others to form an assessment of the trustworthiness or authority of your research output.

  • Obtain a persistent ID before submitting any output
  • Disseminate these IDs on all external communications: your faculty profile, professional website, email signature, professional networks, LinkedIn, figshare, and anywhere else you communicate with your peers
  • Include the ISNI of your organization(s) and funders in the research output that you submit
    • The ISNI for Swarthmore College is 0000 0001 0940 5491
    • Need to find an ISNI? Search ISNI
  • Resolve any errors you find in your metadata (affiliations, attributions, etc.) and report if you’re represented in the same system more than once.

These recommendations come from the 2014 OCLC report Registering Researchers in Authority Files.
Smith-Yoshimura, Karen; Micah Altman; Michael Conlon; Ana Lupe Cristán; Laura Dawson; Joanne Dunham; Thom Hickey; Daniel Hook; Wolfram Horstmann; Andrew MacEwan; Philip Schreur; Laura Smart; Melanie Wacker; and Saskia Woutersen. 2014. Registering Researchers in Authority Files. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC Research.

2. Deposit your Works!

Take advantage of the opportunity that is green open access: deposit full text of your works where you are permitted by copyright to do so.

3. Create and Update your Author Profile

Do you have a profile page within your department? Make sure yours is up to date!

As the author, you may be entitled to distribute certain versions of your works on your personal website that we cannot distribute through Works. However, we can assist you! Contact us with any questions you might have.

4. Contribute to Wikipedia

Contribute to Wikipedia pages in your areas of expertise.

You may find that your work is already featured in a Wikipedia page! How can you tell? It's easy to check if you've published a work with a DOI or an ISBN by viewing your Altmetrics.

Colorful Altmetric donut with the number 61 in the center

Altmetrics "donut" for Steve C. Wang and P. Dodson. (2006). "Estimating The Diversity Of Dinosaurs". Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America. Volume 103, Issue 37. 13601-13605.

The purple stripe in the donut represents that this article was cited in a Wikipedia article.

Want to check the Altmetrics for your work? Search your work in Works.