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SPAN 105: Federico Garcia Lorca (SC)

Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca



 " Si muero, dejad el balcón abierto. El niño come naranjas (Desde mi balcón lo veo). El segador siega el trigo. (Desde mi balcón lo siento). ¡Si muero, dejad el balcón abierto!"


 -Despedida, Federico García Lorca



Welcome to the guide covering the works of the Spanish dramaturgo, poeta y escritor Federico García Lorca (b.5 June 1898 – d.19 August 1936). Below you will find a short summary of the contents in this guide.


Understanding this guide: What you will find in each section


Finding Articles
Recommended: A list of recommended databases for SPAN 105 accessible through Swarthmore College
Directory of Open Access Journals: DOAJ is a database with freely accessible peer-reviewed journals published around the world. Its content includes articles from all different scholarly areas as well as articles published in different languages.
Multidisciplinary: Databases covering a broad range of topics outside the scope of this guide.
Google Scholar Search Bar
Tripod Search Bar

Finding Books
On this section you will find search bars for Tripod, the course reserves and the Hathi Trust: a repository with millions of digitized books from around the world. In addition, you will find links to WorldCat and to the TriCollege Borrowing and Interlibrary Loan page where you can request a copy of any article and/or book not available through our databases/catalogue.

Online Resources on Federico Garcia Lorca

In this section, you will find the following links:

  • Audiovideoteca de Federico Garcia Lorca: Audio recordings of the poems of Lorca along with their respective text.
  • Federico Garcia Lorca-Biblioteca Virtual Cervantes: General information about the author.
  • Huerta de San Vicente: Link to the Home-Museum of Federico Garcia Lorca
  • Obras Completas de Garcia Lorca: Complete digital works of Lorca
  • Sean Scully Dedicado a Garcia Lorca: Paintings inspired by Lorca’s poems

Tools for Spanish Literary Studies
History: This section contains titles and descriptions of books covering the history of Spain in the times of Federico Garcia Lorca
Literature: Books covering the history of Spanish literature.
Online Dictionaries: As the title suggest, you can find a multitude of dictionaries accessible through Swarthmore to help and guide you in your understanding of Spanish
Print Dictionaries
  • Palabra virtual
  • Biblioteca Virtual
  • Biblioteca Digital Hispanica
  • Biblioteca Nacional de España
  • Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes
  • Centro Virtual Cervantes
  • Institutional Repository of the Spanish National Research Council
  • Hemeroteca Digital-Biblioteca Nacional de España
  • Hispana
  • Biblioteca Ayacucho
  • The Cambridge Companion to the Spanish Novel 
  • Guerra Civil Española
  • The Visual Front: Posters of the Spanish Civil War
  • Spanish Civil War Collection Guide-IISH

Tools for Literary Studies
Anthologies of Literary Theory and Reference Guides-Print: Links to our catalog for anthologies such as Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, and the Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism.
Literary Theory and Reference-Online Resources: Includes the links for the John Hopkins Guide to Literary Criticism and Theory, and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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