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MSP Workshop - Research Strategies and Resources (HC): Introduction

Introduction to Advanced Techniques Fall 2019

Library Stacks

           History majors in the Lutnick book stacks (Source: Anhara Disko)

Research Support


Subject specialist librarians work with students and faculty in every department and program.  They provide intensive, one-on-one support of students throughout their college careers, culminating in their senior thesis projects.  To arrange a meeting, email the librarian who works with the department ielated to your topic.  See this listing for librarians by subject area.  In your message include a sentence or two about your research topic.

Students can get help getting started in developing a research question and beginning a search. 

For students further along in the process, they can get advice on research tools, answers to specific questions, and new sources. 

The librarian drafts research notes ahead of time, adds to them during the meeting, and sends the results to the student.  They cover search strategies, research tools, and references to important individual scholarly titles.


Subject Guide

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Margaret Schaus