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RELG 398: Senior Thesis Seminar (HC) Fall 2022

Religion 398: Senior Thesis Seminar (Ghosh) Fall 2022

A Place to Begin

Your thesis experience will be very fruitful and important for your college career. Some of you might be sure about your topic, and others might not yet know what you want to focus on, but very soon all of you will be in the same boat: researching in-depth on the topic of your choice. 

Everyone needs to consider the MAIN QUESTION you are trying to answer. Forming the question is a big part of the process. How can we write a research question? See this link. The questions that you raise will lead you to develop your argument. It is important to think this through very thoroughly. Feel free to make an appointment with Anna to discuss this process. 

Getting Started

Browsing for books

Let's say you find a book on Tripod  Connect from Bryn Mawr College      Icon     Icon  and you really think it is relevant to your interests or research project. One way to physically browse books on Haverford's campus is to head to Level 0 and find the book on the shelves. Academic libraries place all books with the same subject matter in the same area, so chances are high that you will find something relevant near the book you are looking for. 

But if you want to digitally browse, you can do that too. The Tripod record of the book in question includes a "Virtual Browse" section. This will provide you with a massive list of the books at all three schools and you can browse the shelves digitally.

Helpful books on Writing and Editing