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HIST 091: Senior Research Seminar (SC)

History 091: Senior Research Seminar (Megan Brown and Bob Weinberg) Fall 2024

Citing Sources

Organize Research: Zotero

You can use Zotero to organize your research materials (e.g. citations, notes, PDFs).

Organize Images: Tropy

For History 91, you might take photos of documents in archives, save images and PDFs from databases, and/or scan pages from books. Tropy is a free tool that can help you organize these images. By tagging and grouping your images, you can find them more easily while writing.

Organizing Your Research

Make sense of your research process: Search Logs

Research is a larger process of inquiry. Searching is how you find partial answers.

Keeping track of your searches:
- help you make sense of your research process
- saves time by avoiding duplicated effort

Key elements of a search log:

- Write down your question(s) and interest(s)
- Where you searched (e.g. JSTOR, Tripod) and when
- What you did (which keywords? advanced search?)
- How well did it go?  What did you gain?  What's next?