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HIST 091: Senior Research Seminar (SC)

History 091: Senior Research Seminar (Shokr and Weinberg, Fall 2018)

How to find overviews and reference sources

Using Tripod to do background research:

  • The TriCo Libraries have a wide range of what are called reference sources - these include encyclopedias, handbooks, historical dictionaries, and other resources that can help you with background research, exploring your topic, and identifying good sources to use in your research. (Not all reference sources are created equal, though, so use carefully.)
  • In McCabe, you can find many print reference books shelved on the main level. Find the shelves with call numbers D, E, and F to look for history-specific reference sources
  • Reference books are also online - go into Tripod, and try using Genre limits to specify certain types of sources (e.g. encyclopedias) and Subject limits to specify, e.g. history. (Here's a search for reference works on Argentina or Latin America)

More resources for background reading:

Finding Book Reviews

Researching specific people

These resources can help you find basic information about particular people. Often these resources will go into greater depth than the Wikipedia entry, and usually include citations to full biographies and scholarly works about the prerson you're researching.

Finding Historical Statistics