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Endnote: A How-To Guide


What are citation-management tools and why should I use one?

Citation-management tools allow one to:

  • Automatically create citations formatted in a number of standard citation syles: APA, MLA, Chicago, and so on
  • Save citations for use in current and/or future assignments and other projects
  • Organize citations into folders in order to customize bibliographies by topic or project
  • Add notes and additional metadata to citations
  • Share citations with others
  • Store citations online and access them from multiple devices or locations

 What is Endnote?

  • Endnote  is a Web-based reference organizer.
  • Endnote allows one to:
    • Collect references
    • Organize references
    • Create a formatted bibliography
    • Collaborate with colleagues & students


While the librarians are always happy to answer your EndNote questions, there are many tutorials & instructional videos on the web. Just search "endnote web tutorial" on YouTube. (Make sure you are only viewing tutorials for EndNote "Web"). A couple good ones are below.

For more information, go to the Endnote HELP Table of Contents page.