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Documenting COVID-19 at Bryn Mawr: 1918 Pandemic at Bryn Mawr

1918 Influenza Escape Communities Study

The University of Michigan Center for the History of Medicine included Bryn Mawr College in their report on communities that experienced low rates of influenza in the 1918 pandemic. A team of historians from the Center for the History of Medicine visited these communities to locate, assess and collect available primary source material from libraries, archives and other private and public holdings. You can read more about their findings at Bryn Mawr College here:

Bryn Mawr College Resources

Bryn Mawr College Digitized Collections

This is not the first time Bryn Mawr College community members have faced a pandemic. As World War I was coming to an end, the world found itself facing a similar crisis with the outbreak of the Influenza Pandemic of 1918, sometimes referred to as the Spanish Flu. The College Archives holds records from both students and the college administration from 1918 which capture both the administrative decisions made during the pandemic and the effects of those decisions on some members of the Bryn Mawr community.

Not all material related to the 1918 pandemic at Bryn Mawr is available online. Some material has not been digitized and will only be available to researchers when we open our doors again.

College Records and Publications
Individual Accounts


Resources for researching local and national news on historical epidemics and quarantines: