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Library Liaisons Workshop - Research Skills II (HC)

Advanced Research Strategies and Resources Spring 2024

Web Searching

Searches on the Open Web can often be useful starting points for your research, but they can also often return irrelevant or non-scholarly results.  To improve your Google searches, try limiting your search by various domains or otherwise refining your search using these search tips:

Search any one of multiple terms (as opposed to searching all terms, which is the default):

Limit your search by domain:

Limit your search to words in the title:

Remove unwanted results:

Limit by date:

Country-specific information: more examples


For information on AIDS in Ghana, try these searches in Google:

aids ghana (a general search across domains)

aids ghana (limits to information from U.S. government sites)

aids ghana (limits to information from U.S. educational institutions)

aids ghana (limits to information from non-profit organizations worldwide)

For information directly from the country, use the country code:

        aids ghana (limits to information from Ghanaian websites)

        See other country codes here

Site searches: more examples

For more reliable Google results, you can limit your search to a particular site or domain

Sites from U.S. institutions of higher education and the U.S. government tend to be more reliable than .coms and even many .orgs, but still be critical, seeking out author info and other determinants of credibility. 

e.g. hiv
e.g. hiv
e.g. hiv

e.g. hiv