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ANTH 313: Sex Work, Political Economy, and Capital (HC)

Anthropology 313: Sex Work, Political Economy, and Capital (Grigsby) Fall 2017

International NGOs

Red Umbrella Fund a global fund oriented toward sex worker rights advocacy 

Global Network of Sex Work Projects a list of members of the NSWP.

Laws and Policies Affecting Sex Work briefing papers from Open Society


By and for sex workers

Resourcing Health and Education in the Sex Industry (RhED) is a state-wide health, education and support service for the sex industry in Australia. It's multitude of resources includes a magazine primarily written by and for sex workers. 

They also include a helpful page aimed at university students interested in conducting research on sex work and sex workers. 

QZap Queer Zine Archive, searchable with the tag "sex work" 

Sex Worker Zine Project from South Africa, featuring the words and art of women and transgender sex workers

Stroll from Portland, OR, an education and outreach program by and for sex workers, which also produces the zine Working It