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ANTH 313: Sex Work, Political Economy, and Capital (HC)

Anthropology 313: Sex Work, Political Economy, and Capital (Grigsby) Fall 2017

Finding Books

Use TRIPOD BOOKS AND MORE  to find books, journals (but not articles within them), and videos owned by the Tri-College libraries.

Use WorldCat to find books not held by the Tri-College libraries.

In order to find books in either catalog, search for topics in the following ways:

       Keyword Search:

E.g.,    (gender OR women) AND (ethnograph* OR anthropolog*)​   [Use the asterisk to get root words with different endings- gender and gendered.  Use capitals for OR to build subject groups]

             "feminist ethnography"​    [Put phrases in quotation marks to get results only with the words together]

(See the Search Tips tab for more information on how to construct keyword searches.)


 Subject Search:

E.g.,    "Feminist anthropology"

            "Sex role"

           "Women's studies Methodology"

           (Use the Browse Books & More link to find additional subject headings.)

Using Catalogs

Literature Reviews