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EALC 398: Senior Seminar (BMC/HC) Fall 2023

East Asian Languages and Cultures 398: Senior Seminar (Kwa, Schoneveld) Fall 2023

What this section can do for you

This tab includes further information on handbooks, dictionaries and bibliographies. Bibliographies are sources that contain detailed information about where to find further information on a specific topic or subject. Sometimes these look like the bibliographies you might compile at the end of a term paper. Sometimes they are books or online resources with a list of resources. Other times they act like annotated bibliographies, with short essays or statements describing the resource and why it might be useful to a researcher. Bibliographies differ from handbooks because they go into further depth on a topic. They typically include critical essays where the author identifies the core literature of a field of study. It illustrates what is available in a given field, while a literature review opens up questions for new inquiries. 

Resources on China

Resources on Japan

Historical Dictionaries