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ANTH 216 : Women and Power (HC)

Anthropology 216: Women and Power: Bad Girls- Gender and Labor in Working-Class America (Balay) Fall 2015

Women at Work

Truck driver at a marine terminal in Florida (source: Flickr page by Jaxport)

Working with Journal Articles

Scholarly journal articles are important sources of information offering:

  1. Originality.  Provides new evidence and interpretations.
  2. Authoritativeness.  Written by researchers for their peers.
  3. Documentation.  Cites key scholarship in footnotes that you can check.
  4. Reliability.  Reviewed by editors for significance and accuracy.
  5. Conciseness.  Presents an argument directly since length is often limited to 40 pages or less.
  6. Engagement.  Responds to issues and adds to an ongoing dialog.
  7. Currency.  Treats recent issues more quickly than books due to publishing schedules

Journal articles are not listed in the Tripod Books and More catalog.  Instead use journal databases to identify articles relevant for your paper topic.  The indexes listed below represent different disciplinary viewpoints and are good ways to find journal articles.

When you have identified relevant articles in a database, use the "FindIt" button (  ) lin each record to gain access to the journal cited.  This may lead directly to a digital copy of the article; in other cases when the library does not have a subscription, use the Interlibrary Loan link in Findit to request that a copy be sent to your email address in 3 days or less.

Anthropology Indexes

Gender and Women's Studies Indexes

Indexes for Other Subject Areas

Citation Indexes