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SPAN 312: Inquiring Minds (HC) Fall 2014: Journal Articles

Spanish 312: Inquiring Minds (Burshatin) Fall 2014

Finding Journal Articles

Journal articles and other periodical publications will provide scholarly information for you on specific aspects of Inquisition history.  Articles are peer-reviewed prior to publication, so that authors can improve their arguments.  Also since articles are generally published on a shorter schedule than books, they can be more-up-to-date.  The following indexes are the best ways for you to identify journal articles related to your research.

Use the buttons in the indexes to locate articles available in the three colleges.  For those not owned locally, take the ILL (interlibrary loan article delivery) option.  You can also go to the Request Form directly.


  Journal Databases for History

Auto da fe in San Bartolomé Otzolotepec

    Six native Americans, including two women, do penance on the raised platform

Mexican, 1753, Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico (Wikimedia Commons) 

Revista de la Inquisicion

The Instituto de Historia de la Intolerancia in Madrid supports scholarship on the Inquisition.  The group publishes the journal, Revista de la Inquisicion (see below), as well as book-length studies and collections of essays.