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Personal Digital Archiving : Email

Digital objects deteriorate and require consistent care. Learn how to take care of your born-digital materials through these resources.

Gmail Archiving

Log in to Google.

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Archiving Your Bryn Mawr College Email

Archiving email can be a challenge. Most email either resides within a program on your computer or in a server on the Internet, depending on which email system you use.

Either way you have to find where your email resides, download it -- if you can -- and make a backup copy.

Email resides either:

1.    Locally on your computer, where you open a program to access it, or

2.    Remotely on your email host’s website, where you open a browser and navigate to a website to access it or configure an email client to access it

Learn more about archiving your Office 365 email from the Help Desk here.

Archiving Your Swarthmore College Data

Advanced Techniques

Additional steps can ensure that your emails will be in the recommended preservation formats and able to be opened in other email clients.


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