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WRPR 155: Drawing the Line (HC) Fall 2014: Author Interviews

WRPR 155: Drawing the Line: Origin Stories and Graphic Narratives (Tensuan) Fall 2014

Author Interview Sources

You can use several strategies to find interviews with authors and poets in books.  For example, you can browse one of the following subjects headings in Tripod, or use these formats to search for additional relevant subject headings.  Alternatively, you can search by keyword for books that include "interviews" or conversations" in the title (see below).  Lastly, you can browse relevant publisher series, such as the one from the University Press of Mississippi (below).

You might also want to search relevant journal indices for interviews that have not been published in book form.  For instance, you might search for "toni morrison" and "interview" in the MLA International Bibliography.

Keyword Search:

Subject Search: