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WRPR 155: Drawing the Line (HC) Fall 2014: Finding Books

WRPR 155: Drawing the Line: Origin Stories and Graphic Narratives (Tensuan) Fall 2014

Finding Book Chapters / Essay Collections

Before conducting your search:

  • Consider how your argument might be broken down into keywords or phrases.

  • Compile a list of synonyms for those keywords.  What other terms might scholars use to talk about your topic, and how do these terms reflect the type of argument scholars are making?  (E.g., publishing vs. dissemination)

  • Consider which intersections among your keywords will be useful for searching

See the Search Tips tab for additional information about searching Tripod and other catalogs.

Finding Books

Use TRIPOD to find books and other material owned by the Tri-College libraries.

Use WorldCat to find books not held by the Tri-College libraries.

In order to find books in either catalog, conduct either a relevant:

Keyword Search:

E.g., jacob AND genesis [Tripod title search]

"r. crumb" OR "robert crumb" [Tripod keyword search]

(See the Search Tips tab for more information on how to construct keyword searches.)

Or Subject Search:

E.g., Crumb, R.

Bible. Genesis—Authorship

         Bible. Genesis—Criticism, interpretation, etc

         Bible. Genesis—Commentaries

         Bible. Genesis XXXVII-L—Commentaries

         Comic books, strips, etc.—History and criticism

Graphic novels—History and criticism

         (Use the Browse Books & More link to find additional subject headings.)

Search Tripod

Selected Books