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WRPR 155: Drawing the Line (HC) Fall 2014: Commentaries

WRPR 155: Drawing the Line: Origin Stories and Graphic Narratives (Tensuan) Fall 2014


Commentaries usually feature verse by verse analysis.  It is often helpful to consult a number of commentaries on the Biblical book that you are studying as they  have different aspects of the text that they emphasize such as historical, cultural, literary etc.  Many commentaries while scholarly are also directed towards a Christian audience.
 Commentaries can be found by doing a subject search in TRIPOD for "Bible  [name of the book you are researching] commentaries."

Commentary Series

The following series have commentaries of many of the books in the Bible.  After connecting to the list of books in the series you can use the "Limit" feature to go to the record of the particular book that you are researching.

Commentaries / Materials Focusing on Women

A book series which has essays on women in individual Biblical books is the "Feminist Companion to the Bible".  Note that the series has added a second more recent set of books so often there will be two separate books on a Biblical book.  Do a 'title' or 'series' search in TRIPOD to find the monograph(s)  that discusses the Biblical book that you are researching.

Additional useful books are: