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Troubled Waters: Tracing Waste in the Delaware River: An Interdisciplinary Documentary Project: Data Resources

CHEM 302: Lab in Chemical Structure & Reactivity (White)/ GNST 302: The Documentary Body (BMC) & ICPR 278: Documentary Film & Approaches to Truth (Funari)/ POLS 161: Politics of Globalization (Borowiak) with Visiting Artist jesikah maria ross (Spr. 2014)

Data Resources on the Delaware River

Data & Literature Resources on Pollutants

Search broadly for contaminants using keywords such as pharmaceuticals, emerging organic contaminants, personal care products, persistent organic pollutants. Aspects of these chemicals can be described by using keywords: occurrence, transport, fate, behavior, removal. Combine with the keyword "water" will capture the broadest possibilities, but also consider including groundwater, wastewater, effluent, surface water, fresh water, streams, rivers. (See "Contaminants") tab in this guide for information on specific classes of chemicals.

Data Resources on Countries