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ENGL 070: Poetry Project: Research and Development (SC)

ENGL 070: Poetry Project (Anderson) Fall 2015

Swarthmore Public Libray

Explore the Swarthmore Public Library's Catalog to find resources aimed at audiences not represented by an academic library like McCabe -- where the interest lies less in authority than in the found language and editorial selection.

Contact a Reference Librarian

The best way to find general information about an event or monument or people or era totally new to you is to consult with a reference librarian.

  • Stop by the Reference & Information desk anytime until 10pm everyday.
  • Chat with us via the library homepage
  • Send me an email

General Reference Suggestions

A few titles to get you started about general sources about topics that might be completely new to you.

*** Or simply stop by McCabe and browse the Reference Collection! ***

Finding Full Text of Early Print Materials