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ENGL 070: Poetry Project: Research and Development (SC)

ENGL 070: Poetry Project (Anderson) Fall 2015

Historical Resources

Here are a few avenues by which to get started finding sources for a poem that engages both history and "historiography", shuttling between understanding the outlines of a historical period or event while remaining fully aware of what remains unknown (often unknowable). Consider using the public library for a treatment of a topic geared towards non-experts. In addition, take advantage of the libraries reference section on the first floor of McCabe, printed compendia of general information -- often idiosyncratic -- that were a researcher's first stop before the search bar.

Explore the Swarthmore Public Library's Catalog to find resources aimed at audiences not represented by an academic library like McCabe -- where the interest lies less in authority than in the found language and editorial selection.

Here are a couple of useful, popular series of general information about topics/periods; however, the resources are endless. Feel free to contact me for further suggestions about your period of interest.