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ENGL 070: Poetry Project: Research and Development (SC)

ENGL 070: Poetry Project (Anderson) Fall 2015

Accessible Science

Granted there are innumerable routes into finding evocative scientific literature and language, here are a few routes. In the first box is Accessible Science, resources for readable stories and summaries of scientific findings. Browse or delve a little deeper into a topic of interest. The second box is Bewildering Science, resources that might lead you to terrain less familiar and resources that might be generative because of impenetrability. The third box suggests Historical Resources, where one might go to consider older depictions of the scientific process in action, often filled with rich imagery, ornate language, and early articulations of emerging viewpoints.

Bewildering Science

*** The lost art of serendipity! I encourage you to poke around Cornell Science Library or at the discipline specific Research Guides for resources in the sciences that may be unfamiliar, or perhaps downright unintelligible, to you.

Historical Science