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ANTH 032D: Mass Media & Anthropology (SC)

Anthropology 032D: Mass Media & Anthropology - Nadkarni (Spring 2017)

TV News: Searching & Watching

Searching Tripod for TV

How to Use Tripod to Find TV Shows

Find streaming video and DVDs, browse for shows by keyword
• Go to Tripod Advanced Search

• Search for "television programs" - change the drop-down menu from Keyword to Subject.

• Optional:  click "Add Search Group," then add a keyword to narrow your search. (See screenshot below.) 

• Once you have search results, use the "Resource Type" limit to just videos.

screenshot of advanced search described on this page

How does this work?  Look at the terms listed under "Subjects" in this example Tripod record for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
You'll see the phrase "television programs" is included in the Subjects.
By running a Subject search in Tripod, we can consistently find other TV shows available from the TriCo Libraries.