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SciFinder Web Access: (SC)

Reaction Searching

Under Explore, to the left of the screen, select Reaction Structure.

Click on the drawing window to launch the Reaction Editor.  

Draw your reaction in the structure editor

OR launch a structure search directly from ChemDraw. 





Select the type of search you want to do.  Then click OK to transfer the reaction to the search page.


Click Advanced Search to see additional search options. 


Click Get References to be taken to a list of articles where these references appear.

Reactions from a Reference or Substance Search

You can also create a reaction answer set when doing a reference or substance search.

When you have a reference set: Click on Get Reactions on the toolbar.



In a substance answer set, mouse over a substance until a blue box appears, then click on the double arrows in the upper right corner. Select either Synthesize this… or Get Reactions where substance is a…, and select the reaction role for the substance.

Note: Click the red flask below a structure to see the supplier catalog information for that substance.