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SciFinder Web Access: (SC)

Substance Searching

You can search for a substance by chemical structure, molecular formula, property, or identifier (name, registry number, etc).


Search by Chemical Structure 

Three kinds of structure searching can be done using the structure editor. You can search by:

  • Exact Structure (retrieves exactly what you drew)
  • Substructure (retrieves substances that contain the structure that you drew)
  • Similarity (draw an exact structure and retrieve others similar to it, ordered by percent identity)         

Click the structure drawing thumbnail to open the drawing editor. Use the tools along the left side and across the bottom to draw your structure.  After completing the structure, specify the type of search you want to do, and click OK.


Your results will be a list of substances.  By default, they will be sorted by registry number, but you can change the sorting using the dropdown box.


The Get References tab links to abstracts from Chemical Abstracts or Medline. Limit results by clicking on desired boxes.

The Get Commercial Sources tab links to commercial availability.