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SciFinder Web Access: (SC)

Literature Searching

SciFinder lets you explore a topic by entering a word, phrase, or sentence in English.  It uses relationships among the key words to retrieve results that are relevant to your research interests.

Put your search terms in the box, and then run your search. The results are based on the relationship of the terms and concepts within records.  Select the result set you prefer, then click Get References.

Notes on searching:
• Prepositions and articles may be used to connect concepts
• Use "not" to exclude a particular term


You can also search by author name, company or institution name, document identifier number, journal name, or patent information.


Sorting results: You can sort search results by Accession Number, Author Name, Publication Year, or Document Title.


Other Ways to Create Reference Answer Sets:

 You can also create a reference answer set by starting with a reaction or substance search.  Then, click on the ”Get References” icon at the top of the page.

Search Results

Search Results:

A summary of your results will display. 

Refine your search:

To further refine your search, use the tabs to the right of your search results.

  • Analyze lets you filter results by subsets such as author’s name.

  • Refine lets you narrow your search.
  • Categorize lets you filter references by category or index term.

The top toolbar has options for retrieving information related to the references:

  • Get Related Citations is used to get references that cite or are cited by that result in the answer set.
  • Tools lets you remove duplicate Medline references, combine multiple answer sets, or add a searchable tag to references.
  • Create Keep Me Posted Alert lets you set up a current awareness profile so you can run this search again in the future.  To get results, go to the “Saved Searches” tab. 

Working with your References

Working with a Reference: To view details of a reference, click on the reference title.  Options for retrieving information about that title--Get SubstancesGet Related CitationsLink to Other Sources (i.e., get full text)--are displayed in the toolbar. Get Reactions will also appear if there are reactions associated with that reference.

Print/Save/Export Search Results:


Select all answers or only selected answers.  Select format. Then click print.


Select all answers or only selected answers.  You will be asked to give your answer set a title.  To retrieve your saved answer set click on Saved Searches at the top of the SciFinder window. 


Select all answers or only selected answers.  Export will allow you to create a pdf of your search results or save in a number of other formats.