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SOCL 267: Modern Japanese Nation (BMC): Managing Your Citations and Getting Human Help

SOCL 267: Development of Modern Japanese Nationhood, Prof. Ayumi Takenaka, Spring 2013

Managing Your Citations

There are several tools available for managing and tracking your citations to books, articles, websites, etc..  You can use these tools to maintain a database of citations with your research notes; you can also use them to create your in-text citations and list of sources cited.

To learn about the options, check out the library's Citations page.

Getting Human Help

If you need help: ASK A LIBRARIAN!!! Please come see us and we will walk you through your search.

Canaday Library Reference Desk Hours

1:00 - 5:00 pm, or by appointment; a librarian is on call during weekday mornings

After Spring Break, a librarian will be on duty Saturday & Sunday, 1-5 pm

Reference Desk phone: (610) 526-5279

Ask a Librarian - Linked from Library home page. Fill in the form, give us your email address, and we'll write back within 24 hours!