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ANTH 043E: Culture, Health, and Illness (SC)

Anthropology 043: Culture, Health, and Illness (Schuetze) Spring 2020

What is Tripod?

What is Tripod?

What can you use Tripod to do?

Find books, articles, and other sources
  • Including books (paper and ebooks), journal articles, video, audio

  • Access online sources via library subscriptions

Get books delivered from HC and BMC
  1. Find the book in Tripod
  2. Sign in, then click Request link
  3. Arrives within 2 days. (You'll get an email.)

Books Beyond the TriCo Libraries

The Swarthmore Libraries can help you get books, even when we don't own a copy.

Here's how to get a book:

  1. Search Tripod for the book title. (Need more books? Search Worldcat.)
  2. If no TriCo copies are available, login to EZBorrow. See if you can request a copy. (Usually takes about 1 week to arrive.)
  3. If no TriCo or EZBorrow copies area available, fill out the Interlibrary Loan Request form. (Usually takes 1-2 weeks to arrive.)

What about articles?  We can help you get articles, too.

  1. First, check Tripod for the article.
  2. If we don't have access, place an Article Delivery Request. Most requests are filled by email. (Usually takes 2 days or less.)