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HIST 091: Senior Research Seminar (SC)

History 091: Senior Research Seminar (Megan Brown and Bob Weinberg) Fall 2024

Online Databases for Historical Newspapers & Periodicals (United States)

These are just a handful of online databases for historical newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. Want more recommendations? Talk to reference librarian Simon Elichko -

Access Note: To use a resource, select the icon     for your school.

How to Find Newspapers & Magazines

If you're looking for a specific publication (e.g. The New York Times):

  • Search Tripod to see if the library has a database, print copies, or microfilm. For best results, use Tripod Journal Search. (example Tripod search)
  • If that doesn't work, try searching Worldcat. Search for the publication title, then filter your results to Serials. Ask a librarian about searching and requesting.

How to identify newspapers and magazines when you don't have a specific title in mind:

  • Browse the online databases listed on this page. (e.g. Readers Guide Retrospective, American Periodicals Series)
  • Find a recent scholarly history book on your topic. Look at the bibliography/sources and see if the author lists any newspapers (or other periodicals).

You might find historical newspapers, magazines, or periodicals in the following forms:

  • Scanned versions through online databases
  • In print books available from libraries (e.g. bound magazines and journals, facsimiles of newspapers) - TriCo or via Interlibrary Loan
  • On microfilm - owned by the TriCo libraries or requested via Interlibrary Loan. (There's a microfilm reader on McCabe 3rd you can use.)

See also: extensive TriCo guide to historical newspapers