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HIST 091: Senior Research Seminar (SC)

History 091: Senior Research Seminar (Shokr and Weinberg, Fall 2018)

Useful resources for identifying scholarship on your topic

Finding scholarly books and journal articles

To find scholarly books on your topic, start with Tripod. Expand your search to Worldcat, which lets you find relevant books that the TriCo Libraries don't own. You can easily request books from other libraries by using EZBorrow (delivery in 3-5 days), or if it'snot available from EZBorrow, through Interlibrary Loan (delivery in 1-2 weeks). 

Tripod logoworldcat logo

There are a few major online databases for finding scholarly journal articles and book reviews. It's also a good idea to search some multidisciplinary databases such as JSTOR and Proquest to avoid missing relevant sources.

If you can't find the full-text for an article through a database, place an online request for the PDF by using Article Delivery from the libraries.

Major databases for finding scholarly journal articles in history:

Using one good scholarly source to find others

From a given academic book or article, you can find other sources that may be relevant:

  • Trace back - who does this author cite? (which books, articles, book chapters, authors etc.?)
    • Use the bibliography and/or notes - ask a librarian for help finding specific sources you can't seem to track down

  • Trace forward - who cites this work? (which books, articles, and authors cite the work that you're reading?)