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HIST 091: Senior Research Seminar (SC)

History 091: Senior Research Seminar (Megan Brown and Bob Weinberg) Fall 2024

Key Resources

Search strategy: use bibliographies to identify primary sources

Have you found a scholarly book related to your topic? (Or have a recommendation from your advisor?)  Try using this book to get ideas for primary sources.

Look at this bibliography from Our Separate Ways: Women and the Black Freedom Movement in Durham, North Carolina. Christina Greene (the author) includes a list of archives that she visited, periodicals she read (e.g. magazines, newsletters), and other sources. If you were studying a related topic, you might be able to use some of the same sources.

For example, Greene lists the Baltimore Afro-American newspaper under Periodicals. You can search Tripod for Baltimore Afro-American and find out that Swarthmore has online access.

Handwriting Help

Resources to help you decipher handwriting in historical documents: