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*Political Science*

APSA Style

Citation Managers

Zotero: The Tri-College Libraries recommend Zotero, a free tool that can format your bibliography, keep your citations organized, and even save your articles in the cloud so you can access them later from the library, home, or a cafe. See the Tri-College Guide to Zotero for more details.

EndNote Basic: The Tri-Colleges provide free access to EndNote Basic. See the Tri-College Guide to EndNote Basic for more details.

Any librarian will be happy to give you a tour or a few pointers of the software.

APSA: In-Text Citations

APSA Format for In-Text Citations

Trish (1988) sharply disagrees.

“The transmogrifying of mayoral power” (Bailey 1987)

Beaute (1975, 121–25)

(Rex et al. 1985, chaps. 6, 7)

(Barbarosa 1973; 1978)

APSA: Bibliographies

Single Author Book:

Kessel, John H. 1968. The Goldwater Coalition: Republican Strategies in 1964. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill.


Multi-Author Book:

Sorauf, Frank J., and Paul Allen Beck. 1988. Party Politics in America. 6th ed. Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman.


Chapter in Editted Volume:

Hermann, Margaret G. 1984. “Personality and Foreign Policy Decision Making: A Study of Fifty-Three Heads of Government.” In Foreign Policy Decision Making, eds. Donald A. Sylvan and Steve Chan. New York: Praeger, 133–152.


Journal Article:

Aldrich, John H. 1980. “A Dynamic Model of Presidential Nomination Campaigns.” American Political Science Review 74 (September): 651–69.


Electronic Journals:

Browning, Tonya. 1997. “Embedded Visuals: Student Design in Web Spaces.” Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environment 3 (1). kairos/2.1/features/browning/index.html (Accessed October 21, 1997).



Munger, Frank J. 1955. “Two-Party Politics in the State of Indiana.” Ph.D. diss. [or Master’s thesis.] Harvard University.


Conference Papers:

Mefford, Dwain, and Brian Ripley. 1987. “The Cognitive Foundation of Regime Theory.” Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Chicago.


Chicago Style Guide

APSA style is based on Chicago. So, for citation managers (like EasyBib) that do not include an APSA style template it may be useful to format citations in Chicago style and then tweak them manually to conform with APSA guidelines.

Bluebook Guide to Legal Citation

The Bluebook is the guide to citing legal documents in the United States. For an overview of citing legal documents according to the Bluebook, consult the Georgetown University Law Library guide.